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Oct 3, 2012 5:00am EDT
:11. investigators are scouring a rugged area along the u.s.- mexico border for evidence in tuesday's killing of a border patrol agent. 30-year-old agent nicholas ivy was killed and a second agent was wounded. this is the third killing of an american boarder patrol agent this year. >>> the mystery of what happened to jimmy hoffa has not been solved. police near detroit dug up a concrete slab last week based on a tip and tests showing something was under that concrete but soil samples tests show no trace of human remains. the teamsters boss disappeared in 1979 the day he was supposed to meet an alleged mobster. >>> voters in pennsylvania do not need a photo irchlts d. to cast -- i.d. to cast a ballot. that's because a judge blocked the law. state officials could still appeal. >>> we'll have a preview of today's campaign 2012 faceoff coming up at 5:30. >>> at 5:23, the orioles have a chance of matching one of the nationals' accomplishments. >>> howard has our high temperatures dropping by more than 20 degrees in his seven- day forecast. we'll be right back. >>> good morning. welcome back to nin
Oct 4, 2012 5:00am EDT
. meanwhile we're watching this moisture come in off the gulf of mexico streaming up the east coast. that's why we've got the showers this morning. but this should start to scoot east of us as we get into the afternoon hours. once this gets past us, we'll get into a little bit of sunshine later this afternoon and then tomorrow looks great. saturday the next front approaches late. so could be some showers then. we're really going to cool down big time by sunday and monday. 81 today with an a.m. shower or two. afternoon sunshine. tonight 62 for d.c. 54 the suburbs with light winds. tomorrow 82. looks like a beautiful finish to the week. saturday chance of a shower or two in the afternoon. mid- to upper 70s. sunday skins are home. tailgaters, it may be wet for you. temperature only around 60. 62 for columbus day. back to 70 with a late shower come wednesday. it's 5:49. good morning, beverly farmer. >> good morning, howard. not a good morning in germantown. sky 9 will show us the shot of the accident on 118 right over 270. westbound or southbound lanes of 118 heading past route 270 toward cry
Oct 17, 2012 5:00am EDT
the country. moisture in the gulf of mexico coming from hurricane paul in the pacific. we're watching another system coming through the northern plains approaching the northern mississippi valley. this guy will bring us some rain mainly tomorrow night. i think the time is going to work out pretty well so that it shouldn't impact too many plans. however, we've got to worry about if you've got anything going on tomorrow night, it will slow you down. today the futurecast, those passing clouds time otherwise a quiet day. maybe 71. for tonight we're quiet, 52 in town with 40s in the suburbs. on thursday we'll have partly sunny skies but late in the day we may see a shower develop up top the upper part of the bay but with the storm system coming out west, better chances in western maryland and west virginia late in the afternoon. our rain chances really pick up after dark. overnight they'll be with us but i think the stuff could be out of here before sunrise on friday. and if this scenario plays out, well, then we're going to have noticeably a nice stretch of weather with very few bumps in the road
Oct 19, 2012 5:00am EDT
the gulf of mexico. we had the heavy downpours overnight and going to continue to watch. this stuff sweep through us. here's the stuff i'm concerned that could get into southern maryland here in a few hours. headed in our direction. not out of the woods just yet but a nice lull for the moment. 74 and some showers on and off through mid-morning, better afternoon. tonight we're falling into the 50s and 40s in the suburbs. pleasant this weekend with highs in the mid 60s saturday and sunday and then monday back in the 70s at least for the first half of next week. >>> you know, it has not been much fun on the inner loop of the beltway this morning. at about 1:00 this morning, a tractor-trailer hit a guardrail before route 355 and got stuck there. then a little later, another tractor-trailer came by and didn't realize that there was an accident there. jackknifed and also had a fuel spill. to that's why you're dealing with all of the slow traffic on the inner loop that's eastbound 495 trying to get toward route 355 here. in fact let's just go to the live picture on the inner loop of the beltway
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4